Courtney Rowley
Courtney Rowley is a mom, wife, published author, world traveler and successful trial lawyer. She splits her time between Ojai, California and Decorah, Iowa with her husband and children. She is incredibly passionate about personal injury law and focuses her practice on serving people who have suffered permanent or serious injuries. She is an accomplished trial lawyer with extensive courtroom experience representing victims of serious injuries, wrongful death, traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries and medical malpractice. Courtney enjoys travelling and lecturing nationally, speaking to other lawyers about trial work and finding human connection in trial. Courtney and one of her closest friends, Theresa, co-founded and co-wrote Trial By Woman to create a community of professional women who can help support and encourage one another. They are making an impact in the lives of women all over, finding new ways to connect, brainstorm and lift each other up. When she isn’t preparing a case or in court, she enjoys reading, writing and travelling the globe in addition to being an activist for positive contribution.

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