Chad Roberts
A native of Miami, Florida, Chad Roberts graduated from The Georgia Institute of Technology – consistently ranked as one of the top ten engineering programs in the country -- with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics in 1981. His undergraduate research was in the emerging field of biometrics, and involved the mathematical modeling of three-dimensional ocular surfaces using the Moire Fringe technique. After graduation he received a commission as a Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy and was assigned to the guided missile frigate USS Clark (FFG-11). Deployments with that command included the Eastern Mediterranean in support of the Multi-National Peace Keeping Force in Beirut (1983), the Persian Gulf escorting U.S. flagged carriers transiting the hostilities of the Iran-Iraq War (1984), and the Caribbean Basin conducting air interdiction operations with the DEA and United States Coast Guard (1985).

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